Our Clubs’ New Mental Health Services Fill The Gap - Boys & Girls Club

Our staff spends a lot of time with our Club members; after school until 7pm daily and 10+ hours a day in the summer. All this time allows us to connect and bond with our members over the years they attend. We are so fortunate to spend so many hours with them, to watch them thrive and overcome challenges. We strive to help our members achieve great futures (our tagline is Great Futures Start Here after all).

So when one of our members is struggling to cope with life’s challenges, naturally, we want to help.
We partner with outside agencies to address more serious behavioral and mental health challenges, but we have often found that the child’s behaviors did not qualify them for services or the family has difficulty “jumping through the hoops” to get services. This creates a “gap.” Studies show that early intervention is key to success, but there were no options to help the kids before the issues became serious.

Our new Mental Health Coordinator and Resident in Counseling, Patrice Jackson, MA. has designed programs to fill this “gap.” These programs are provided to any member of our club that would like to participate, free of charge. Our kids have unique access to early intervention groups to help them achieve success and have GREAT FUTURES!