CEO’s Corner - Boys & Girls Club
As a community based organization, or CBO, the Boys & Girls Club fills a programmatic, economic and developmental need for parents and children within our community. CBO’s of all types work at a local level to improve life for residents. Typically they challenge government counterparts in efficiency and effectiveness because they are more adaptable and able address needs and enhancements of the population as they evolve with changing economies, public health conditions and cultural values.

Our Club has portrayed this adaptability in identifying and responding to community needs such as afterschool programming for commuting parents, academic support and enrichment for students who easily “fall through the cracks,” and mental health/wellness support to increase resiliency and social/emotional intelligence in the children we serve.

CBO’s like the Club fill service gaps to make our quality of life richer, our lives more fulfilling, and our communities more economically and culturally prosperous. Join the movement! #BeGreat