New Year, Healthy You - Boys & Girls Club

A new year often encourages all of us to set new goals to live a healthier lifestyle. It is no different inside the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fauquier. Healthy Lifestyles is one the Clubs’ three priority outcomes for its members. Our daily healthy lifestyle programming, sponsored in part by Novant/UVA Health and the Delta Dream Foundation, offers healthy snacks, plenty of physical activities and emotional wellness programs.

Our “New Year, Healthy You” program of 2019 will expand our healthy lifestyles programs to offer new experiences. Club kids are also learning how to prepare healthy snacks and meals for themselves. The program provides daily healthy snacks with added weekly meal prep or cooking experience. The program has taught the kids how to make simple snacks like homemade granola trail mix or smoothies, and full meals such as Caesar salad, pasta with chicken, tacos and sandwich wraps! Sounds like a delicious experience, doesn’t it? The kids love the process, learning how they can prepare healthy meals for themselves and their families. They especially enjoy the results of each project. Savoring victory with every bite.

The Club is happy to announce a partnership with the Virginia Family Nutrition Program (VFNP). VFNP will train BGCF staff in two new programs for our elementary aged members. For our youngest members, the “OrganWise-Guys” program teaches children the importance of making healthy choices in their lives through learning about their internal organs. Older children will participate in the “ChooseHealth Food, Fun, and Fitness (CHFFF),” which is an award-winning, research-based 6-lesson curriculum for 8-12-year-olds that uses experiential learning to teach healthy eating and active play. CHFFF targets evidence-based behaviors for preventing obesity and chronic disease: less sweetened drinks, fewer high-fat and high-sugar foods, more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and active play.

These new programs add to the impressive healthy lifestyle programs already implemented. Our Triple Play program increases physical activity with creative games that get Club kids moving, while our Emotional Resiliency program helps children and youth manage anxiety and anger and teaches mindfulness and self-regulation. These Club programs strive to teach kids how important it is to maintain a healthy body AND mind!