Virtual Clubhouse - Boys & Girls Club

We are excited to share with you some virtual programming and to connect online to keep the Club experience happening! We hope you will join in and participate!

From fitness trivia, to daily challenges and online tutorials, the Club staff is working to create content to help our members feel engaged and connected to the Club. In addition to following along on our website, staff will be overseeing virtual group meetings and virtual Club check-ins in the coming weeks. 

  • Mon, August 3rd: 1-2pm
    • Google Hangouts! ALL MEMBERS
      • On-site Mentoring
  • Mon, August 3rd: 2-3pm
    • YUM-O Cooking Camp – ALL MEMBERS
      • BBQ Pizza with Rachel Ray!
  • Mon, August 3rd: 3-4pm
    • It’s Show Off Time! – ALL MEMBERS
      • Show us what you’ve been up too! Have you been to the moon? Opened a store? Trained your dog to do a new trick? Made cool shoes? Made a new snack?
  • Tues, August 4th: 1-2pm
    • Google Hangouts! ALL MEMBERS
      • On-site Mentoring
  • Tues, August 4th: 3-4pm
    • Explore Shenandoah ALL MEMBERS
      • National Park Service Virtual Adventure!
  • Wed, August 5th: 1-2pm 
    • Google Hangouts! ALL MEMBERS
      • On-site Mentoring
  • Wed, August 5th: 2-3pm 
    • Member Meme Find!  – ALL MEMBERS
      • Have you created your own meme? Join us to share!
  • Wed, August 5th: 3-4pm  
    • 2ND 2 NUNN Sports with Coach TyroneALL MEMBERS
      • Fitness? Workouts? If you’re looking for a real workout with a trained coach this is for you!
  • Thurs, August 6th: 12-1pm 
    • Microsoft Camp – ALL MEMBERS
      • Exploring Africa!
  • Thurs, August 6th: 1-2pm 
    • Microsoft Camp – ALL MEMBERS
      • Journey to the Outback!
  • Thurs, August 6th: 2-3pm 
    • Mystery Adventure – ages 10+
      • 80’s Prom Gone Bad – (Registration Required)
  • Thurs, August 6th: 3-4pm 
    • Back to School Chat – ALL MEMBERS
      • Share your thought’s (good, bad or ugly!) about the upcoming school year.

Character List:







  • Fri, August 7th: 1-2pm
    • Google Hangouts! ALL MEMBERS
      • On-site Mentoring
  • Fri, August 7th: 2-3pm 
    • YUM-O Cooking Camp – ALL MEMBERS
      • Real Mac & Cheese with Bobby Flay!
  • Fri, August 7th: 3-4pm 
    • Club Chat Laughs! – ALL MEMBERS
      • What is the funniest video, picture or joke you’ve seen/heard this week? (All clean versions of course!)

What you need to do as a parent:
Fill out this online consent form if you are interested in your member participating in virtual Club meetings – Virtual Programming Consent Form

2. Sign your child up for programs, meetings, etc! After your consent form is received, we will email you program sign up links as they become available. They will have detailed information as to which days and times programs will be running and for which age groups.

Please reach out to Ginger with any questions 540-349-8890 or email