Marshall location changes - Boys & Girls Club

There will not be a Marshall BGC location until further notice.

Due to high enrollment at our Central Clubhouse, staffing challenges and very low enrollment at the Marshall Unit, members attending Coleman Elementary and Marshall Middle that are registered for the MARSHALL Boys & Girls Club will be bused to our Central (Warrenton) Unit until further notice. There is currently no bus service from Thompson Elementary.

  • If your child attends Thompson Elementary School please be sure to make alternate arrangements for your child beginning Wednesday, August 14th.
  • If your child attends Coleman Elementary School or Marshall Middle School your child will be bused to the Central (Warrenton) Clubhouse until further notice. Your bus is expected to arrive to Warrenton no later than 4:30pm. Hours of the Warrenton location are 2pm – 7pm .

We are actively seeking alternative transportation options and will relay that information as it becomes available. We apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.